About Client

GN Exteriors Roofing is a leading provider of roofing services known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With a strong local reputation, they offer durable and aesthetically appealing roofing solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

About Product

GN Exteriors Roofing faced challenges in expanding their online presence and generating leads. Despite their expertise in roofing, they struggled to reach their target audience effectively online. My AIO, an AI-powered software, came into play here, promising to revitalize GN Exterior's digital marketing strategy and lead generation process.

The Problem They Faced

GN Exteriors Roofing's digital marketing efforts were not yielding the desired results. Their online campaigns failed to target the right audience effectively, resulting in fewer leads. They needed a strategy that would reach more people and the right ones - homeowners and businesses needing quality roofing services. Their goal was to leverage digital marketing to capture the attention of potential clients who were actively searching for roofing solutions but weren't being reached due to poor targeting and visibility.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges Faced by GN Exteriors Roofing

My AIO Solutions

Ineffective digital marketing and audience targeting

Implemented AI-driven marketing strategies tailored to target specific demographics and interests.

Low lead generation from online campaigns

Utilized advanced analytics to refine ad targeting and improve lead generation.

Limited online reach and customer engagement

Enhanced digital presence through SEO and engaging social media content.

Difficulty in tracking and converting online leads

Automated lead management system for efficient tracking and follow-up.

Inadequate market analysis and strategy development

Provided data-driven insights for strategic market positioning and campaign adjustment.


Improved Lead Generation: GN Exteriors Roofing experienced a substantial increase in high-quality leads by refining their online marketing strategies with My AIO, positively impacting their sales pipeline.

Enhanced Online Visibility: The company's online presence and customer engagement experienced a significant boost by adopting targeted SEO and social media strategies.

Data-Driven Marketing Decisions: Leveraging insights and analytics provided by My AIO enabled GN Exteriors Roofing to make informed marketing decisions, optimizing their campaigns for improved reach and conversion.